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Organize & Optimize your home service business with the leading service software.


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Service Software for Tradespeople

  • Optimize your service business
    Makes day-to-day tasks easier and optimizes your business to boost sales.
  • Make it easy to pay
    Request and accept payments easily via text, email, digitally or in person.
  • Schedule Jobs Faster
    View all jobs and quotes to easily shift times and dates with a drag-and-drop calendar.

Service Buddy's cloud-based management software helps you manage clients, schedule jobs in real time, and get paid automatically. With our easy-to-use software, you can automate payments, chat with customers, schedule jobs, and send quotes easily via text or email - from Service Buddy's platform.


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One software for your entire home-service business

Customer Management

With all your customer info stored in one place, you or your team can respond quickly to any customer needs and deliver an experience that goes above and beyond. Service Buddy helps you make sure every customer feels like they’re your #1.

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Book work quickly and effortlessly with Service Buddy.

Create new jobs or assign existing ones to your team with just a few clicks. You'll get the ultimate flexibility and customization when scheduling, including color-coding and customizable filters to help you see what's important—like who a job is assigned to, or its status.

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Estimates and Quotes

Win more jobs and earn more money.

With Service Buddy, you can craft quotes with ease, send them quickly, and track performance to make sure they get approved. Service Buddy provides customizable templates with your company branding that can showcase the details of the work, as well as images of products and services, or on-site assessments. Present a more professional picture with Service Buddy.

Billing and Invoicing

Keep your invoicing organized and your customer base happy with Service Buddy. Convert the job details into easy-to-understand invoices and follow up with customers automatically on overdue payments. Save time, drive customer satisfaction, and get paid faster with Service Buddy.

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Customer Experience

Keep clients informed and up to date with Service Buddy. Automated updates keep customers in the loop as work progresses, and text messaging is integrated directly into Service Buddy.

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Get Paid Faster with Service Buddy

Say goodbye to waiting for paper checks to arrive in the mail!

Service Buddy enables you to send attractive invoices to clients electronically, and they can pay with their mobile devices. Automatically charge saved credit cards and send receipts to customers - all without lifting a finger! Keep records organized and secure with Service Buddy.

Streamline your invoicing with Service Buddy's Stripe integration. Request deposits, process payments and final balances quickly and effortlessly. Make getting paid easier with Service Buddy's field service software.


Automate Your Billing

Offer multiple payment options. Schedule one-time and recurring payment requests. Save time creating detailed invoices. Manage billing efficiently with a centralized dashboard.

Keep your cash flow running smoothly with Service Buddy. Automatically send reminders to customers with a customized email or text message and stop manually chasing down payments.

Get paid faster with our automated payment processing. Reduce time spent on billing and invoicing with Service Buddy’s automated and customizable payment reminders. Plus, get valuable insights into your customer's payment behavior with our powerful analytics.

With Service Buddy, you can keep track of your billing and payments, so you never miss a beat.

  • Increased speed and convenience - allow your clients to make payments in one click.
  • Reduced paperwork - no need for clients to write and mail a check, or for you to manage paper records.
  • Automation – automated payment collection with recurring billing or automatic payment plans.

Our Customers Love us.


MTK Remodeling

Service Buddy is very easy to learn and navigate (both on mobile and desktop) and has led us to be able to draft and send professional quotes with a few clicks. It has really helped our family business.


Allen & Co Home Improvement

It’s been hard to find good workers, so I find myself on the job site more frequently. Service Buddy has helped me more easily operate and scale my company staying in front of clients and providing great service. The service management software from Service Buddy is a win for us.


Smith & Sons Landscaping

Service Buddy has given me so much time back. There's so much coordinating between jobs, it’s impossible to operate our small business without the Service Buddy's field service software.


Callahan Contracting

I had difficulty tracking unpaid invoices and doing other admin-related tasks. Before Service Buddy I left paper invoices at a customer’s home. Now I’m able to get paid immediately after the job or even sometimes before I even show up.


MetroWest Electrical

Service Buddy has done a great job in keeping me and my team organized and on time. Our techs really like it, and our clients do as well.

Pricing Plans

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Designed for the true small business owner. Everything you need to run your service business



(Save $480)

Max 25 Users can access


Designed for the larger service business. Advanced tools to simplify and scale your operations.



(Save $600)

How it Works

Get up and running with Service Buddy in minutes. Start adding your customers. your products and services, your company branding and logo and let Service Buddy start working for you!

How it Works

Start Free Trial

Upon signing up, you'll be able to start using your Service Buddy account right away. Our software walks you through the setup process, and it's specifically designed with tradespeople in mind – making it a breeze to use. Plus, our amazing support team is always there to help you out.

Start organizing and optimizing your business!

Have delayed invoices or need to follow up on that quote? Have Service Buddy start working for you with client communication and powerful analytics to easily show you where you start focusing and what you need to do to boost sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Landscape and Electrical, painting, household cleaning, HVAC, general contracting,Handyman, tree care, and snow removal are just a few examples of the industries for which Service Buddy is specifically created. Service Buddy is for you if you run a company that offers clients a service!

Service Buddy is web-based, all you need is an internet connection to access the platform.

Service Buddy is simple and easy to use. We help set you up during onboarding, so you’ll be a Service Buddy Expert and get back to what you do well- your job! We are also available should you need any help.

If you sign up for Service Buddy’s monthly subscription, you can cancel your subscription at any time without penalty.

Service Buddy is an end-to-end business management system for your small trades company. The software handles everything from customer relationship management, to quoting, scheduling, job tracking, invoicing, online payments, and a whole lot more.

Yes! Your current customers can be imported as a CSV or vCard file. You can import your customers from QuickBooks Online into Service Buddy because the two programs sync.

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